Monday, January 14, 2008

I already miss him

ok...let me just say that i know most women...or people in general don't mind it when their husband/wife/or significant other goes out of town for a few fact most people look forward to it. it's a time to do whatever you want without worring about the other person and what they want to do...right? well not for me. josh has to go to dallas for business meetings this week, so i took him to the airport this morning at 6:30 and then went back home to finish getting ready for work...and as soon as i walked in the door i missed him. i know that im a wuss...but i HATE being not a fan of alone time...he's only gonna be gone for like 4 days..but to me that feels like FOREVER. sure i have stuff to do at home, and its not that im scared to be by myself...i guess i just hate being without him. so now that i have let the entire world know how pathetic and sad i am...i'll just say i miss you baby!


Natasha said...

4 days to LIVE IT UP!!! And just be glad your father-in-law is moved out! now you can do what you want. . .dance naked, watch trashy movies and eat ice-cream RIGHT OUT OF THE CARTON!

CARLOS said...

Wao... you are extremely in love. That is good. When someone is in love, one begins to miss the another person before he or she goes even for a short time. But take it in an optimistic way, If love is there it will be splendorous in just less than 4 days... HELLO, FROM PERU (SOUTH AMERICA) !!!

Jeremy and Genevieve said...

Jeremy was gone for a bit- unplanned but ended up being about 3 weeks due to stupid airlines- over the summer and it was terrible! I don't sleep well when he's gone, I don't eat healthy because I won't cook for one, everything is just wrong without our hubbies. Hang in there- he'll be back soon now!