Thursday, March 6, 2008

Good Week I know this is kinda stupid to post about, but since I don't have any kids yet, and im not pregnant or buying or building a new house, I have to count on a few little things to keep me happy (well that and my hubby being the sweet man that he is). About 2 weeks ago I ordered a quilt from (it's going on our bed), and it finally arrived yesterday, and it looks really cute in the bedroom!
I also ordered a necklace from, and it came today! It's one of those name necklaces that Carrie from Sex and the City wears, only I got mine in a different font, silvier (hers is gold), and of course my name instead of hers. haha. (This is what mine looks like but of course the name is different).
So the week started out a litte difficult for me, but these two deliveries perked me up a little bit!


indeazgirl said...

Your necklace looks so fun! And I love your playlist...