Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wii Fit

Last night I came home cranky (hey PMS will do that to a girl) and I was taking it out on the dishes, on the dogs, and worse...on Josh! I know that it's not right...and I really do need to get better at not getting bitchy with Josh when he doesn't deserve it. as I was doing dishes and being cranky Josh informs me that he's going to the store and left. Part of me was irritated that he would just leave and not help me out, but part of me understood cuz I wouldn't wanna stay in the house with a mean wife either. haha. so about 15 min later he comes back "empty handed". I asked what he went to the store for and he said he just went for a drive...I assumed to cool off so he wouldn't yell at me (which i deserved). So we sat down to watch some tv...and about 20 min later Josh asked me to look how cute our puppy was laying in his dog bed. I looked and Wii Fit was sitting there! Turns out he went to the store to get it. We had been talking about it for weeks and how great it would be to try it out.

We got it out of the box and got it all set up, and it is AMAZING! Not only does it walk you through all kinds of great workouts but it takes an accurate reading of your weight, your age, balance, streangth...etc. It also comes out with your "Wii Fit Age". Mine was 38! Yikes! This means that my body is much weaker than it needs to be (can't say that im suprised). Anyways...It lets you set goals and helps you work towards them with fun games and excercises. And the more you work and the more "points" you earn you can unlock more difficult's great! I tried a running in place excercise, and I'm either really outta shape...or it was a lot harder than it looks. My legs can feel it already! The program talks to you about the importance of balance, and weight loss, and all kinds of things! You can also work out with a trainer! There are all kinds of excercises, areobics, streangth training, and balance! I can't say that the program made is feel particularly good about ourselves, but once we get back into shape it will be fun to track our progress!

I hate working out...we have gym passes, and we have bikes, and a treadmill at the house, but I hate all of that, and I think this will make it fun! I'll keep you posted on how well we do, in the mean time check out the Wii Fit link on the nintendo website, it will explain the program a lot better than I can.

And I have to say that my Husband is so great. I was mean last night and he goes out and gets us a suprise, and is still sweet to me. I really don't deserve a man as sweet as him.