Monday, June 23, 2008

Good, Low Key Weekend

So this weekend was pretty low key, but we had fun. On saturday we slept in (which I LOVE) then we just got up and hung around the house till about noon-ish and then we decided to go and check out some new tires for my car and while we were there Josh told me that I should look at some new wheels too! I asked if he was sure and he said yes and said that we might as well spend a little extra and make it fun for me (i'm one of those people that loves my car to be clean and have nice wheels). So we got some wheels and tires ordered and I am getting them put on tomorrow! Im sooo excited! They are 16" and a brushed aluminum look!

Aren't they beautiful? I'm excited...and I just have to say that my hubby is so great! No becuase he lets me buy things but because he is always thinking of things that he knows will put a smile on my face. After we went to the tire store Josh said he would take me to the mall (which he hates) and we could get a few of these tanks that I love (it's one of those situations that I have to have one of each color).
After the mall we came back home and hung out till about 6 and then we met up with Robb for dinner at Texas roadhouse and then the three of us went to see the Hulk. The movie was ok...I'm a big Edward Norton fan and he did great in the movie but Liv Tyler was AWEFUL. It was an etertaining movie...and the effects were great...but I wasn't drawn to the story at all.

So then yesterday we had my little brothers, Amanda, and Kevin over for dinner. I made a really good Spaghetti Carbonara and brocoli, Josh grilled some good chicken, and I made peanut butter bars from scratch. It all turned out really yummy! After everyone left Josh helped me clean up the mess and he put in the AC unit. Then we went and taught grandma how to use her first cell phone and we went to home depot and got some blinds for our living room to keep the sun out a little better than what the curtains do. We brought them home and Josh put them together and hung them (he's such a handy man). Now looking back, it looks like we did a lot more and were much more busy than I thought we were. But it was a fun weekend and now it's back to another work week.