Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nothing too Blogworthy

So for some reason today I'm feeling the need to blog, however I don't feel I have much to blog about. So I guess I'll just say what's on my mind. Just a's going to be long and boring, so feel free to move on to something more intersting.

So yesterday I was "blurking" (while at work) and I came accross a blog that belongs to a gal (and her husband) that I went to HS with. We were never the best of friends....but we talked and had a class or two together. At the end of HS there was a guy (some of you may know who he is) who I guess kinda screwed things up for us and so we didn't leave HS on great terms. I decided to leave her a comment anyways, and she got right back to me. We kinda blogged out our small problems and it's all behind us now. I guess it's just funny how blogs can bring people together.

Another thing that has been on my mind is my lack of scocial skills lately. I used to be a really social person who would talk to anyone about almost anything...and I think I'm out of practice now. I feel it slipping. It might have something to do with the fact that the only people that I interact with are people at work, my family (mostly my mom), and my husband. It seems like I don't even talk to any of my friends from HS anymore (granted after HS there were only two of us that even stayed close). Most people that I used to know have kids now (some are working on their 3rd!) and don't really have the time to get together anymore...I know that things must get really hectic when kids come into the picture, so I'm not blaming anyone but myself. I'm the one who has the time to make a quick phone call...or write a quick email, I just never do it....why? I guess lately I feel like the world is moving on and I'm standing still. It just seems like Josh and I do the same thing every day, and everyone around us is having babies (I'm gonna be an aunt!), or moving, or doing things, and we are just here...I need to get off my ass and do something!

But on a fun note....a friend of mine from work moved recently (see what I mean?), and her birthday is coming up. So I was looking on the net for something to get her and I came accross these!How fun is that? I didn't get her all of them...but she's a Twilight fan (who isn't right?) so I chose one that I thought she would love...and a few other jewelry items that look like her. I'm so excited for her to get them...I love doing little things like this for other people. I might have to get a few for me too. little brother was in an accident last week, and yes alcohol was involved. He's fine...and he didn't hit anyone else (just the side rail), but I'm worried about him. He's under age and he's stupid! I think that when he's 21 if he wants to drink then fine (to each his own)...but if something is illigal then don't mess with it! I just couldn't believe that he would even dare get behind the wheel after drinking...and nothing anyone says to him even registers in his brain. I think the only thing that will get through to him is maybe going to jail....or maybe getting in an accident and hurting himself...I know thats bad to say...but I really think that's what it will take.

Anyways...enough of all that...I do feel better after just typing tho...It's amazing how much better you can feel when you send something into cyber space.


Chelsi and Trevor said...

I have had so many of these same thoughts since into each other yesterday. Your comment and our ensuing conversation via our blogs took me on a slight mental detour down memory lane, I thought about HS and how different my life and lives of those I know has become since then. When I got home I was talking to Trev about it and it got him going as well, so he pulled out the senior slide show from his class (his best friend from HS was in charge of making it and used Trev's comp so it is on the hard drive still) and we watched his old slide show before going to bed. It was funny in some ways and sad in others. Sometimes I think I feel the way you are describing - confused about the way things have turned out and frustrated with different wants and regrets. It is like the quote you have down for your blog description says. Sometimes though I still miss my other plans and wonder why we can't have it all. I am so glad you found my blog, and glad we are talking again. I think the two of us may be more alike than either of us realized.

Annalee Taylor said...

OK, first things first...I TOTALLY AGREE with the whole blogs bringing people together thing, I mean come on...we knew eachother but werent really friends, and now I consider you a friend! I am the same way with poeple socially, I am not very social like I used to be, sometimes I am glad, other times I think...what is wrong with me! I hide in my house a lot! But, I guess its cause things change and life keeps moving forward. I totally agree with everything you have said here...amen! SO where did you get those charms? My cousin is a HUGE fan and its her bday coming up, I want to get her one. ANyway, I think your great no matter what anyone says! And..sorry about your brother, its hard to see family struggle. You just want to ring their neck and do life for them.

Holly said...

I think everyone at some point ends up not being social. I don't talk to anyone but you now days! I don't get to see anyone but Carson and Ben! Once you get married its just you and your spouse it seems like. But we should totally get together and do lunch. Carson is getting big enough we can go out and about now!