Monday, November 10, 2008

National Adoption Month

I've been thinking a lot about Seth lately...and about all of the couples out there who are having a hard time with infertility (or whatever the case may be). I remembered that November is National Adoption Month. I think adoption is amazing. I keep thinking about how different mine and Seth's life would be if adoption hadn't been an option. I'm sure we would have been fine...but I'm so glad that I had the oportunity to give my baby the world. I KNOW that he has the life he deserves...he has a loving mom and dad...a sister and a brother...and a HUGE extended family that loves him and are so grateful to have him. Do I miss him? Every day. Does it still hurt? Of course.
When I got pictures of him for my birthday I didn't cry (I think that's the first time in 4 years), I wanted to...but it was so comforting to see pictures of his birthday and his mom and dad were both there...and he was so happy.
I guess all I'm saying is that I'm so glad that adoption is a possible always hurts...but it's such an amazing thing. So for those of you waiting to adopt...or those of who who are thinking of placing...good's all worth it.
Please ignore how nasty I look in this one.

November is National Adoption Month!


Holly said...

Your little guys is ADORABLE! I like seeing both sides, me being an adoptive mom I constantly wonder how our beautiful BM's are doing and feeling. You are awesome and give me hope that they too will begin to heal with time... not that the pain ever completely goes away I'm sure.