Monday, May 25, 2009

random chatter

we are home...and the weekend went by way too fast. tomorrow we will be back to "real life". that's ok tho...we had a great vacation and a relaxing long weekend. when we got home these little beauties were waiting for me the picture really doesn't do them justice (mostly because i have ugly feet), but i love them! they are so cute and i can wear them with anything! i love getting new shoes...and i have to say that is the place to order online.
and here is my latest bellyshot i feel a lot bigger than i look in the picture...but as long as i don't look huge yet i'm ok with that.


Darcie said...

The shoes are cute! I knew I should have just kept them instead of letting you know they showed up! And you are not big at all! Still just a tiny bump!

Jake and Annika said...

Congrats!! Still so pretty!