Wednesday, June 10, 2009

a few details

i know i set up our baby blog so that i wouldn't overwhelm this one with baby stuff (and so far i think i've done pretty good), but i just wanted to post a few details about yesterday for those who don't read the other blog.
the ultrasound was amazing, and it was so fun to see out little boy in there moving around (and being quite flexible i might add), he was so squirmy! seeing him really made the fact that we are having a baby more real, and i think it was the first time that josh maybe felt bonded to our little peanut. it was so cute to watch josh be so interested and amazed at what was going on inside of me. i cried a little bit seeing my wonderful husbands heart grow just a little bit more in that moment (wow that was cheesy).
you might all be wondering about the name "stone"....well josh always wanted a son named stone (after one of the guitarists in his favorite band pearl jam...suprised?), and there was no budging him. so we agreed that if we had a boy he could pick the name (i was sick of arguing about it), and if it was a girl i got to pick. i do have to admit that the name has grown on me (since josh has been calling him stone all along), but it still doesn't sound like a name....but i'm sure it will fit him to a T. so now we are wondering if it should be Stone Joshua McGavin (it sounds good but josh feels like thats glorifying himself) or Stone James McGavin (James is the name of one of josh's uncles that passed away from cancer and josh was very close with). we tried putting our dads names with stone....but they just don't sound right...what do you all think? ....we need help!
so there you have it...that's our ultrasound story, and if you wanna see a picture of stone's first baby gift and a picture of baby's first blanket head over to the baby blog.


Nichole Eve said...

Congrats!!! I loved to see jeffs face too when we found out what we were having. I like the name stone but I think that joshua goes better then james. Congrats again!!!

~Our Family~ said...

Ashley congratz!! Little boys are so much fun, and full of character!!

I love the names that people come up with now a days. I actually really like the name Stone, it sounds manley!! I like Stone Joshua McGavin, it flows better. Plus we like doing our first names for our first boy, and girl's middle name. But either one sounds great! Good luck!

Holly said...

SOOO excited for you guys! :)

indeazgirl said...

Hey...would it be okay if I sent you two a little baby present?

Summer Mortensen said...

Congrats on a boy!! They are so fun and your hubby will absolutly adore him. I think i like Joshua better, i like the idea of having the dad's name in there. We had our first boy have Mark as his middle name. Good luck deciding, it's always fun!

Leslie said...

Congrats! (you know how we feel about boys at our house :) We have a cousin on the Clements side named Stone. Colby's middle name is Lucas and Luke was a little unsure about that (for similar reasons as Josh about using his name), but I'm glad we did it!