Wednesday, June 17, 2009

loseing to a girl

so last night josh and i were just hanging out after dinner and we decided to play a friendly game of peggle (its a fun, happy, addicting video game). i'm not a very competitive person and i know that he usually beats me so i wasn't too concerned about winning. well the game turned fairly competitive when i started to win (meaning that trash talking was happening, josh was starting to pout, and i was laughing so hard that i was almost crying). so after about a half an hour or so i had won and josh wasn't going to take that. he wanted to play a game that he KNEW he could we busted out the wii sports.
we played a few rounds of tennis, and he won every time. i was still laughing and in a pretty silly mood...and josh decided that winning at tennis didn't show enough of his manliness because winning at tennis was too easy (i suck at the tennis) we moved on to bowling. i think we played 4 or 5 games and i won all but one of them!!! i had to do my happy dance (which is even more entertaining with a pregnant belly) a few times and we spent the evening laughing and trash talking. it was a fun night at home just the two of us...and now josh knows what it feels like to lose to a girl! love you baby!