Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a few random happenings

we haven't been doing anything too exciting lately. we did get stones room painted (we just have a little touching up to do) and i'm happy with the way it turned out....it's very basic and simple but i think that's just my taste. josh did a fantastic job matching up all the colors to the bedding, and now we just need to get furniture ordered. my mom has offered a really cute dresser that they have...the only problem is that it's an amber color and the rest of the furniture that i'm planning on getting is white, but it is cute...and it's free so i figure that we can just work with it.
i've all of a sudden caught a cold which sucks, because when you are pregnant it seems to hit harder...stay longer...and there isn't a lot that you can take. i mean you can take tylenol cold (which doesn't seem to touch it)...but none of the really good stuff. however, today at lunch i did break down and get me a diet pepsi (i drink caffine sparingly don't worry)...and it's amazing how good it feels on a scratchy throat and a tired mind (i think it also makes stone a little more active and jittery....again don't worry...the doc says its fine).
josh has also found out that pearl jam will be touring coming up (and they have a new album coming out) so of course he is going to see a few shows (and when i say a few...i mean 3 so far). 2 in seattle and 1 in SLC....they are at the end of september and he's super excited. i told him as long as he doesn't go to any in october i'm ok with it. he's going with one if his best friends (jeremy) and his wife is pregnant too....so they are leaving their pregnant wives, but we feel like they deserve it because they are amazing hubbys to us...and then they can come home and be ready to be daddys.
AND...we got a check the other day from the guy who backed into me's insurance! we were excited that they are accepting fault...but the check was made for just over half of what it's gonna cost to get my car fixed! i don't think we should have to make up the difference just because their claims adjuster decided that the damage was less....i don't wanna take my car to someone that i know won't do as good a job as ermals will just cuz they are cheaper....i want my car fixed right!!
well that's about all that's going on with us lately..we are a little boring, but i like it that way...in a few months "boring" and "nothing going on" is gonna go right out the window so i'm soaking up as much as i can.