Friday, August 28, 2009

my car and some other randoms

i finally have my car back and she looks BEAUTIFUL! ermals did such a great job and they were pretty quick...i dropped the car of monday night after work and they had it back to me yesterday. not only did they get the outside of the car looking great, but they detailed the inside of my car as well! i was so happy to be back in my little jetta...i feel so much more comfortable and in control when i'm in my own little vehicle. i missed her.
an update on the house situation....we talked to the loan officer a week ago and shes been working on finding some loans that will work for us. well she called yesterday to tell us that our newly paid off credit reports can't be updated as soon as we need them to unless we pay X amount of dollers per company per card!!! i'm so mad about this....we are expected to make monthly payments on time so we do...but when we get things paid off and need these companies to update their records so that we can get a home loan they decide that they are gonna take their time unless we pay them more money?! is it just me or is something wrong with that picture? AND i just found out that any time a person even inquires about getting a new credit card...or applies for a loan or anything like that the persons credit score goes down....but in order to build credit that person has to have some loans and cards....whoever came up with this system needs to be drug out into the street and shot! we have worked really hard to get ALL of our debts paid off (and i do mean all of them) and now it feels like we are being punished for that...i'm just so pissed about it all! we are still trying a few other options, so we haven't given up on the house idea but the whole process seems so rediculous. part of me feels like we would be better off staying in the tiny place we have and forget about the whole thing.
on to calmer things.....i'm reading the twilight series again. this is my second time through and i've just started eclipse. i have to say that i like the series even more the second time through. i can't believe some of the things that i either missed or forgot the first time around. like did i not know that rosalie and jasper claim to be twins?? and how did i miss that after the whole italy incident that rosalie asks bella to forgive her? it's just little things like that that i missed, and for some reason those little things really make the whole story. and i do have to admit that so far this second time around i'm really starting to like jacob (i hated him the first time around), don't worry...i'm not going all warewolf fan on you, but he's actually pretty sweet. a little immature and selfish...but i actually felt bad for him in the end of new moon and in the beginning of eclipse. me a nerd but i love these books! i think i'll read the host next...has anyone read it? is it worth the time?


Josta said...

im glad that you got your car back!
its so stupid about the credit and loan stuff im sorry to hear that its not going as smoothly as it was hoped to.
the twilight series is amazing, i've read it about 8 times :)
i missed things even the 2nd time reading it.
The host was.. ehh.. i was kinda dissapointed but at the same time it was okay
you might like it
i didn't care for it. maybe i'll try reading it again and see what i think
tell josh i said hi!
Love ya guys!