Wednesday, September 23, 2009

nothing going on

i haven't posted for a while because we haven't had much going seems like all we do right now is work, wait to hear news about "our house", and watch my belly grow. my mom did throw me a baby shower this last weekend (read about it here) and it was great! i've been feeling pretty good still...i'm starting to get more uncomfortable every day, but nothing i can't handle.
josh left early sunday morning to head to seattle with his buddy, jeremy, to see (who else?) pearl jam.....twice. they had a great time and they are on their way home now and will be home this afternoon! i'm so glad that josh got a chance to go...and i'm so glad that he has had fun, but i miss him so much when he's gone, so i get super excited when he comes home.
other than that we are boring...but i guess that could be considered a good's the "calm before the storm" of a baby. i can't wait for that storm tho!