Wednesday, November 18, 2009

update it's been just over two weeks since i posted last and a lot has happened. we have moved, settled into our rental house, had a baby, closed on our old home, been slightly sleep deprived, i turned 25, and we are getting used to being parents. i'll start at the beginning...
friday october 30th was the day that we decided to get moved out of our home. we recruited both of our families. the men moved all of the furniture, i packed things into boxes, my mother-in-law packed up the kitchen, and my mother was at the rental cleaning and unpacking. we got everything moved that afternoon and the rest of the day (and into the night) was spent unpacking and getting the nusery and everything else in living condition. that was the first night we spent in the rental home. the 31st was spent trying to get settled and getting ready to have a baby. that night we had my family come over for a halloween party.
sunday, november 1st we checked into the hospital at 6am and had our baby boy by 3:23pm that afternoon (for the full story go here). stone was perfectly healthy, but we were kept in the hospital until the 3rd because i had tested posotive for group b strep (staying an extra night sucked big time).
since then we have had lots and lots of visitors. i turned 25 on november 5th,stone and i on my birthday
and we closed on our old house on friday the 13th. i think we are getting the hang of being parents...the sleepless nights are hard on me and josh hates going to work and being away from us all day long, but other than those two things we have been loving this new adventure and we are coping well. i love the little sounds that stone makes in his sleep (he giggled in his sleep last night!), and his facial expressions just melt my heart. its amazing how much love i have for this litte man. it's been so fun to see josh interact with stone...he has been a fantastic daddy and is so sweet with our little boy.
so that's been our last few weeks. it's been crazy but i'm glad that everything happened the way that they did. and now we are just waiting on our new house. they still haven't started anything because the loan company is always wanting new things before they will ok the construction loan. it's frusterating but we are in a nice home for now and i'm spending all of my time caring for stone, so i'm not even really thinking about the new house, but i am thinking about how excited i am to see new moon! haha! i'm going on saturday morning. josh is watching the baby, and i'm having a girls morning. can't wait!
i'll be better at blogging now that i have a few things figured out. it feels great to be back into the blogging wold..i've missed you all!


hnoel said...

Happy Happy Happy (late) Birthday!!!!! I miss you!

Holly said...

It gets easier (I think)as time goes on. Sorry I missed your b-day. Things here are crazy also. Just enojoy your time with Stone.

indeazgirl said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Happy being a Mom!! Stone is sooo sooo cute!
(p.s. Your moving/halloween/having a baby weekend is so out of control!!)

Leslie said...

That first picture of Josh & Stone is precious. Stone already looks so much like him! You are going to love New Moon. SOOO much better than the Twilight movie.

Britt said...

He is so cute!! congrats. Hope things are settled down with moving and all.. you've had quite the two weeks. Happy birthday