Wednesday, March 10, 2010


ok...i need your help...again. stone used to be a GREAT sleeper..and now he's not. i haven't changed anything about our bedtime routine, but i think the problem is that he is overly dependant on his paci, he is upset whenever it falls out. he doesn't have the paci during the day (except naps). so i guess my question did you wean your babies off of the paci? do i just take it away one night and let him cry (i'll admit i'm a pushover), or do i just wait and see if he grows out of it? it's been really frusterating these last few nights getting up in the middle of the night to go find the binki and then getting up every 15 min after that to put it back in until he is deep asleep. this can't continue...HELP!


Anonymous said...

Google Bye Bye Binky. What you do is cut a small amount of the end of the binky off and let them try to suck on it for a few days. It makes it really difficult, then you cut a little more off and let them have it. They eventually don't enjoy sucking on it anymore and don't want it. It worked like a charm for Trevin, but then again he was one when I finally got sick of the bink. He wasn't super dependent on it though. I just didn't want it to mess up his teeth! I hope you find something that works! Good luck!

Leslie said...

Well, I'm not a great one to ask since I didn't take Camden or Jack's away until they were 2 years old! For Camden, we told him the bink was his admission for Chuck E Cheese. He bought in to that, but I don't know if Stone with think that is cool : )

With Jack, I couldn't find it one night so I told him he would have to go to bed without it (thinking I would be in for a long night). He actually didn't miss it that bad, so when I did find it, then I threw it away before he could find it!

Babies seem to go through phases when they will be great sleepers, and then for whatever reason, they just aren't for stretches too. Good luck!

(P.S. Colby is a thumb-sucker! That will be more interesting to try to get rid of!)

(P.P.S. I do remember coloring that salt with chalk now that you mentioned it. I think it would make it brighter than the food coloring. I remember doing it at your house because your Mom had the baby food jars. Oh what fun we had back then!)

Kimberly said...

Cheyenne was the only one who would take one. I tried and begged Natalie, but it was a no go. lol Billy used it when he was really little but never was attached to it. Cheyenne was much older when it became only for naps and night time and then disappeared altogether. I think she like 12-18 mo. when we got rid of it. I do remember the trying to find the pacifier in the middle of the night. I agree with Les, they'll go through good sleeping phases and not so good, you just hope for more good than bad. :)