Friday, April 23, 2010

first road trip this weekend josh and i are being brave and taking stone to utah....yes...a 4 hour drive with an infant. we are going down to stay with some friends for the night. i'm super excited to go and get out of town....but i'm a little nervous about the car ride. there is a good chance that stone will sleep most of the drive....but who knows. any tips on traveling with a baby? and i know the things that we need to pack (bottles, formula, clothes, ect.), but doesn anyone have any tips on making packing a little easier? or what do you all bring on overnight trips for your littles?? i'm new at this...i hope it goes well....wish me luck!


MegEddins said...

The more he's in the car with you, the better traveler he will be. They just learn that they have to sit there- as long as you don't start taking him out of his seat every time he cries. Packing is a joke, just make sure you have extra clothes and food. Then think of what you will be you need the stroller or not? Good luck, have fun!