Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of july

4th of july weekend was busy just like every other 4 of july weekend, but it's always my favorite. i love the 4th of july...i feel like it's the only holiday that everyone agrees with what we are celebrating, there are no gifts, and everyone gets together with friends and family and celebrates our country and the men and women who made it possible for us to be free. we had bbq's, fireworks, golf, family and friends. i didn't take many pictures, but i got a few good ones from my mom.
4th of july and we are in jackets! gotta love idaho weather
stone and my cousins super adoreable little girl eva. shes10 weeks older and stone is bigger! i have a big boy
my little cheeser
it was a fun weekend, and my favorite part is always the fireworks. we didn't do the melaluca ones this year. josh and i both had headaches and we weren't sure how well stone would do...so we skipped out. bummer. but we always do our own, totally legal (right), firework show. josh loves to go buy and light them off...and he puts on a great show. stone did pretty good...and quite liked the fireworks that he stayed awake for.
we had a great weekend and i hope everyone else had fun celebrating our country and our freedom! God bless America!