Thursday, August 12, 2010


stone has grown out of his infant carrier (sad day) so i'm looking for a new car seat (convertible because stone still needs to be rear facing). there are about a million different car seats to choose from all ranging from about $50-$400 (im so not spending 400 bucks on a seat)! we need two car for joshs car and one for mine (josh takes stone up to rexburg most mornings, and all the other times we have him in my car). the problem is that both of our cars are fairly small...josh has a 2 door honda prelude and i have and VW jetta, so neither seat can be big. i would love to have one of the bigger seats that will hold stone for longer than 40lbs but those seats just won't fit in our cars. i have found 2 that seem like good seats...but before i make a decicion i would like your imput. do any of you have small cars that you've had to put car seats into? which seats do you love or not love? any opinions on making this work??


Nichole Eve said...

I bought the Britax one from Toys r us and it was $160. My mother in law bought the same one but different colors at Costco for like $100. I have a truck so it fits good in there but Jeff has an Alero and it still seems to fit in there too. I love the seat!! My friend bought two seats from sams club and she has a honda accord and really likes that seat. I have found that the less expensive ones are just as good as the expensive ones. Good Luck!! I searched forever when I was looking and got so overwhelmed so If there are some you like I would say just go with those!!

Jennifer Lindstrom said...

We bought James' carseat at Target for around $130. It's an Eddie Bauer convertable seat and it's been so nice. It reclines and everything. I drive a tiny little Subaru and it fits just fine. Good luck!

indeazgirl said...

I work with a doctor who put porsche ones in the back of his sports car. I'm sure they're iittle, but something tells me they're not cheap :-)