Friday, September 17, 2010


no pictures to show the progress at the house (because when i finally get time to go out there it's almost dark and there are no lights in the house yet), but it's looking fantastic!!! paint is almost finished and it looks so beautiful (thanks to daniel d's painting and sherwin williams cashmere paint). it looks like rock will be going on the house today (can't wait to see it!), cabinets start going in on monday, granite tuesday or wednesday, carpet thursday and friday, and hopefully exterior stuff (siding and concrete) will all continue to come together while interior stuff is going on. we are in the final stages now and i'm so excited! we have all of our kitchen appliences picked out (can't wait for my new fridge!), but i still need to pick out my washer and dryer and our toilets. any suggestions? i'm pretty sure i want a top loader washer...know of any good sets? any good deals on sets? any that you hate? talk to me!


Anonymous said...

Well we don't have a top loader. We have the Kenmore front loader set and they are AWESOME. Ours are three years old, but we have never had any problems with them, they are great and they save on water, which I love! My mom has a GE and has a ton of problems and recalls (don't get GE!) There's my two cents! :)

Nichole Eve said...

I had a Frigidaire front load set that I hated. Ate all my clothes and put black marks all over them. My mother in law has a GE set that she doesn't like and my Friend has a whirlpool set and they are doing the same as mine. We ended up getting a GE Profile top load set from home depot about 2 months ago and I love it!!! It is still the HE so it save water and you don't have to use much soap at all. It does not have an agitator which is nice and it has a sensor on it that tells where the clothes level is and that way you dont have to switch it from small, large, or medium load. We ended up paying $1100 for the set. I was also going to ask you. We are looking for a place to rent. Are you renting right now? And they allow dogs correct? We are getting ready to sell our house but need somewhere to rent before we buy our next one. Also who is building your new house? Thanks for your help!!