Wednesday, September 29, 2010

these are the last days

no...not the last days of the earth (actually they might be...but who am i to say?) these are the last days that we will be living in "limbo". the house that we are renting has never felt like home because we never really unpacked...i never decorated...and it's not where we wanted to be, it just felt like limbo. but as of today at 4:00 we will be the owners of a brand new home!!!!! we are finally closing, and on saturday we will finally get to move home! i'm sick of making building decisions, sick of driving out to the lot every night to see what had been done, sick of the stress, and i'm even sick of the anticipation. i know that good things come to those who wait...and it's true...i'm just glad that we are done waiting! it's been a year and we are so ready!


Genevieve said...

yay! limbo is so hard!! we had our own few months of limbo- we didn't have a home or a place to call our own for 3 months!! i never want to stay in a hotel again :) but yay- can't wait to see pics and i hope all goes well on saturday!