Wednesday, January 26, 2011

last week

josh was out of town for business last week (he was in florida where it was 80 degrees and part of the conference they got to go to universal studios to the new harry potter theme park....but don't worry...i'm not bitter), so stone and i had some quality alone time, and this is how we spent a lot of it
 playing peek-a-boo in a storage tote
 playing in the tub
being silly
stone found a storage tote that we have been meaning to take to the basement and he started throwing balls into it, then he wanted to get in with the balls and throw them out and then have me toss them back in....this lasted as long as i was willing to throw the balls back...he loved it. he's so much fun, and growing and learning so much. he has such a fun personality, and i know every mom says this...but he's so smart! i'm always so amazed at how fast he learns things...and figures things out.
and thanks to all of you who gave advise about stones next pair of shoes! i found a pair at target for 12 bucks...and they have a flex bottom that makes me feel that he can walk a little easier in them, but not as soft as a crib shoe. it's so nice to be able to get advise from so many of you! thanks again!


Josta said...

Gah!! he is getting so big!! He is so adorable! :)
Love you all! :)