Thursday, March 24, 2011

a geek in training

grandma patti let us borrow this little laptop that stone likes to play with, and when i came out into the livingroom the other day this is what i found...  
he loves to push buttons and whenever we are on the computer he'll throw a fit if he doesn't get to play on it too.

i love his little popeye look...he gets it from his daddy
he's also climbing on everything he likes to sit up at the table and work on his laptop. and he already knows the letter a!
what a handsome little geek!


Chelsi said...

He is too cute - he looks so much like you! Ivie has Trev's dimples - I love seeing the features of my spouse that I love manifest in our child - it is cool. The popyee look is great.

Chris & Stephanie said...

The last picture I could see Mya. So cute. I love that he is a little computer geek,plus he is the cutest little geek I have ever seen.