Thursday, May 26, 2011


so a few weeks ago our nice camera was stolen....out of my car! yeah...nice. i had taken the camera to work with me to get the pictures off of it and onto my external hard drive (yes i could have done this at home...but i wasn't getting around to it and i knew i had a slow day at work). i got the pictures off (thank goodness) and then took the camera out to my car at lunch and left it in there....stupid of me?? yes. when i came back to my car at 5 the camera was gone. i felt awful and violated. what kind of world is it that we don't even feel safe leaving our posessions in our locked car anymore?? we knew we wanted to get a new camera, but it wasn't really in the budget and we do have a little point and shoot that works (it doesn't take very good pictures...but better than nothing).
fast forward to may 20th. our 5 year anniversary. we had a sitter for stone and went out for a nice dinner (we always go to the sandpiper to eat, and don't do gifts for our anniversary). we got home and i was getting ready to get stone in the tub and ready for bed....i happened to glance on our bed and there was a box sitting was a new camera! from my hubs to us! and these were the pictures i found when i fired it up

how sweet is that? i love my husband! he's so thoughtful!
so we've spent the last week getting to know our new camera. and while we aren't experts, and still have a lot to learn...i think we have taken some good pictures....these are some of my favorites
 his daddy has this same popeye look

 he loves to ride the 4-wheeler with his daddy
glad i have such a cute model to practice on.
i know there are a lof of very talented photographers out there...any tips?


Holly said...

Your little guy is so big! He' a cutie!! What kind of a camera did you get?

ashley said...

we got a cannon rebel. it's so nice! i hope i can learn all the cool things it can do.

A Life Being Lived said...

What an awesome gift and adorable photos!!!

Karen said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear about your camera getting stolen. It's so sad to me also that nothing seems sacred anymore. :( However, I'm glad your hubby made up for it---such a cute idea with little Stone and the message in pictures! I loved it. And I think your new camera takes nice pictures. So at least it turned out alright in the end! :D

indeazgirl said...

Love your new pics! so so cute!!