Thursday, December 13, 2007


Why is it that as soon as it snows almost everyone out on the road forgets how to drive?! People seem to forget that there were ever lines on the road...why is it so hard to visualize (even roughly) where the lines on the road might be? We have all drivin on the road millions of times....there were always lines there....just because they are covered up does NOT mean that they are no longer there! The same goes for parking. People, in a parking lot there are spaces...marked with lines...and those lines show where you should park, and the direction you should park. When snow covers those lines it doesn't mean "go ahead and park where ever and in any direction you want...hell, block someone in if you want". Lets just use common sence out there people.


Holly said...

I love that you and I think SOO much alike! I agree on the parking, the driving on the road, and IDIOTS!!! Get a clue people- the road is still the same!