Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Husband is the Best!

I know they drive us crazy sometimes....and I know we sometimes tend to bitch about them more than we give them credit for all of the wonderful things that they do. I just wanna say that my hubby is sooo great! I know that gifts don't matter, but for Christmas Josh really put thought into it. I really felt like he was thinking about ME when he went shopping and not just going through a list in his head of what I said I wanted. For instance...I had never mentioned that I wanted a camera but I had said once that I never had a camera of my own...and that I had always wanted one....well that must have stuck in his mind becuase he got me one for christmas! I know that might not sound "thoughtful" but to me it really was becuase he looked deeper than just what I said I wanted. I like to be suprised on Christmas and he does such a good job making sure that I am. I guess I just wanted to brag a little.