Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bad Day

OK...so yesterday was just a bad day...I hate mondays as is...but this one sucked! The morning started off pretty normal (except that josh isn't home, so I woke up alone). I got up, showered, got ready, went out to start my car, ate breakfast, fed the dogs, and out the door. Well when I tried to pull out of the driveway I got stuck (damn Idaho weather). I thought "no big deal" so i hopped out of the car and grabbed the shovel and started to dig. There wasn't that much snow around my tires..so I was a little confused as to why my little jetta was having a hard time. I then realized that I had packed the snow down while I was trying to "rock" my way out and the snow had now turned to ice...and to make matters worse my rear drivers side tire was flat! Well my nice neighbor saw that I was having problems and came to help. We did everything you can think of...sand, kitty litter, and cardboard under the tires. Pushing (and since I own a german car, and they weigh about as much as a tank there was no pushing her out). I now start paniking (I do that) becuase i'm super late for work, Josh is in Clevland, my brother in law and step father in law are in Hawaii, my dad and father in law work out to the site, and my brothers were in school or working. There was no one around to help me! Even though I knew he could't do anything, I texted Josh (he couldn't answer the phone), and then I called my mom. Well to make a long story short...I was sitting in my living room wondering what I was going to do when there was a knock at my door...It was another neighbor who has a truck! Josh had gotten a hold of him and asked him to come check on me...so he came from work and pulled my car out! He also had an air compressor (thank goodness) and filled up my tire so that I could get to Les Shwab. Next thing I know...my brother pulled up and started helping me shovel out my driveway so that I wouldn't get stuck again (hopefully).
Finially, at about 10:00 am I got on the road and went to get my tire fixed. I sat there for about 30 min and then they told me that I had a screw in my tire....I thought that was weird becuase we had 2 other tires fixed in the last 2 weeks and they both had screws in them too, and I never start having a problem with one until the other one gets fixed (I have a sneaking suspission that they are just rotating my tires on me).
I get to work at 10:45 (I was supposed to be there at 8) and the rest of the day goes fairly normal. When i get home I walk in the door and see that our dogs have made a mess of the house (one of them has seperation anxiety so when we leave he tends to act out). I pick up the things that he tore up and vacuumed, next thing I know, our puppy has thrown up! So that was the perfect end to the perfect day!