Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alex, Ace, and Wolfie

Josh was going through our blog a few weeks ago and he was a little offended that I hadn't mentioned hardly anything about our boys. So I thought I would let you all in on our three "sons".
Disclaimer: I am not in ANY way a please don't judge my picture taking skills too harshly.
Alex is our oldest. He turned 12 years old last month! Alex was named guessed it...Alex Van Halen! Josh got Alex when he was fact he mowed lawns all summer just to pay for his best friend. Almost every evening before Alex could be weaned away from his mother Josh would go over to the breeders house and hold him and pet him and love him (at this time he was about the size of a small mouse), needless to say Josh and "AlPal" have been the best of friends ever since. Despite his old age, Al is still a very playful and "wirey" dog. He is very obidient (all though Josh says he wasn't always that way), and knows how to sit, roll over, lay down, and dance. He has a heart condition and is now getting arthrits due to his old age. He is the only one of our three that is allowed to sleep on the bed (believe me...I tried to make it so there were no dogs on our bed...but I lost) becuase he has slept on the bed since he was a puppy and Josh claimed that if i kicked Al off the bed then Josh wouldn't sleep in the bed either :(.

Ace is our middle son...he just turned 2! He was given to us as a gift from my mother-in-law for Christmas. I had never really like dogs all that much (its not that I didn't like them but I was scared of them) until I met Al and then I fell in love. So we decided that I needed a puppy of "my own". We got him when he was a little bit older than most puppies are when they leave their families, he was one of the last ones from the litter. We drove up to Salmon to get him one afternoon in November. He was super shaggy, but I fell in love with him instantly! While we were driving home he was such a good boy and slept in my lap the WHOLE time...he is so loving! We were trying to find a name for him (we wanted to name him another name from the Van Halen group but we had already had an Eddie for a few days, and there is already a sammie in the family too) so we were going through his papers and his dads middle name is that became his name. "Ace of Base" is a little slow...for some reason he doesn't seem all there...but he is the most loving dog ever! He is so snuggly and such a mammas boy! He chews on everything still so we have to puppy proof the house everytime that we leave and can't keep them outside. Ace loves to play in the yard , chase squirriles, and bark at EVERYTHING...he's a little bit annoying at times...but we love him!

Wolfie is our youngest...just turned 1, and is named after a Van Halen group member as well! He is a son of Ace. We bred Ace when he was about a year old so that we could get a puppy for Josh's dad who was going to be living by himself. Wolfie was born and we picked out the perfect puppy for Kevin. Well it turnes out that the place that Kevin ended up living would not accept pets! I told Josh that there was no way that we could take care of another dog in the small home that we live in. So we asked if Kim and Robb (Josh's sister and her hubby) would take him..they said that they would see how Sammie (their dog) reacted to him. Well she HATED him. Shes old and kinda selfish. So that wasn't going to work...and I couldn't bare to see this sweet puppy go to a random family, so we ended up with him. He is so sweet and playful and likes to follow Ace wherever he goes. He's super hyper and has the funniest personality.

So there you have it...those are our mini schnauzers. There are a lot of them and they are a lot of work but we love them so much! I will post pictures of them when I get home tonight.


indeazgirl said...

I miss Alex (even if he did bite me the first time we met!). I'm not a dog person and he's the only dog that liked me ever. Maybe it's because I bribed him with sausages. It's sad to hear that he is getting older :o( Y'all's other two sound so cute.

Rach & Justin said...

Ashley, hey! I am just living in Utah with my hubby, keeping up on the golf thing trying to go pro soon. Hopefully everyone can watch espn and see me playing golf on there and they can say HEY I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL W/HER... lol. Where are you at, how is life? kids? Keeping in touch with others? We definately need to catch up... it's been almost 4 yaers since I've seen you..

A.C.K. Family said...

I saw that you posted on our blog and now I know where your guy's is!! Just to find out that you have been leaving Al out this whole time! Tell Josh "HI" for me and Candice. Now I can see what you guys are up too.

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BrIdGeR & CaNdEe said...

Wow you have lots more additions to your cute little family! That's fun! It was good to hear from you I hope everything's going great!!