Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress

I've decided to sell my wedding dress! Yes it's sad...but what's the point in keeping it? I know that it's full of memories from the wedding..and how I felt wearing it and all that, but I can get that from our wedding album. Part of me thinks: "Don't sell it...its your wedding dress you idiot!" and then another part of me thinks: "Why keep it? You have no use for it anymore...get a little money out of will never wear it again, and your daughter (if we ever have one) won't want to wear and old outdated dress...she will want her own" as you can tell I have an argument going on in my head. So after much consideration I decided that It was time to sell the dress and let another happy bride find her dream dress.

A little story behind when I found the dress: I was in Rexburg one day...I think it was the weekend after Josh and I got engaged....I met up with Holly and she said that we had to go look for a dress! I'm gonna be honest...this was the LAST thing I wanted to do. Most women KNOW what they want their dress to look like...and I didn't! I didn't even know where to begin...I'm not a dress fan in the first place...I think I woulda been happy getting married in a T-Shirt and jeans ( I'm sure that I would look back and regret it if we did that...but at the time it sounded like a good idea). I let Holly drag me into Treasures in Rexburg. We looked around for a few min and I picked out a few that looked nice. The first one i tried on looked just like that one from "runaway bride" where she says that she feels like a know that one I'm talking about? maybe not...oh well. So I took that one off and the next one I tried on I thought was mostly for was strapless (which I knew my mom would NEVER go for) but I thought it was beautiful so I tried it on...and I LOVED it! I didn't wanna take it off. So I called my mom and my aunt to come to the store becuase I had a wedding dress on that I loved. My mom was a little bummed that she didn't get to come with me...but they come right into town to look. My mom wasn't crazy about the strapless look, but I told her that I would be willing to get some straps added to it, and that made her a little more happy. We looked around and found some jewelry that I liked..and a tiara! So we bought it then and there..I had my dress!

So thats my dress story and here are the details of the dress if anyone is interested:
*Maggie Sottero
*Size 8
*Originally Strapless (we had a professional add some satin straps that could be removed)
*Worn twice (once for bridals once for the wedding)
*Lace up bodice (can be let it or tightened if you need a little extra room)
*Selling for $650 (a little more if you want the jewelery and tiara)
*Beautiful beading on the whole dress
*Simple but elegant

This is what it looks like without the straps:

So if anyone wants more details or is interested at all please let me know. I'll be posting it sometime this week on eBay as well.


Chris & Stephanie said...

That is a beautiful dress. I totally understand the feelings of keeping it verses selling it. I have often thought about selling mine, but never got around to it. And now it is over 10yrs old. Oh well...