Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Venting

Ok...I need to vent. The AC hasn't been working in my car (yes this happened just as it was getting hot around here)so I called Wakerli and made an appointment to take my car in to get it looked at. Well when I called the guy was a jerk...he treated me like a woman who doesn't know what she's talking about (that shoulda been my first hint to not take it there). So I made the appointment and took my car in yeaterday. I called them about 2 hours after I dropped it off just to see if they had figured out what was wrong and what to expect to pay. Well the guy started treating me like the stupid woman again! They told me that they needed to order a part but that my car was ready to pick up for the day. So I went in after work to get it and I had to pay $110! Now I'm ok with paying that when they do their job right and when I get the respect that I know I should. So they charged me 70 bucks just to look at the car and determine what was wrong with it, 22 bucks to change the battery in the remote (this one killed me because the battery was only 6 bucks....that means they charged 16 to put the battery in! I would love to earn 16 bucks a min!), and then another 18 bucks to replace my headlight (yes I coulda done this by myself but it's a huge pain in the ass because its a German car...they make everything harder to do). So like I said...I'm ok with paying that kinda money when it's done right....but this morning when I was driving to work I saw the reflection of my car in another cars bumper and guess what? My headlight wasn't working!!!!!! So I'm going to call them right now and see why the hell I paid 18 bucks if they didn't fix it. I'm irate and after they fix my AC I won't be taking my car back there again...I will find someone else that can fix a German car.
So I'm done venting for now...I might have another story to tell after I call them and chew them out for not fixing my headlight. I'll keep you all updated (because I know that you are all interested)


indeazgirl said...

I'm so pissed for you!!! Nothing makes me more mad than getting screwed over when it comes to my car. Nothing. And especially when I DO know what I'm talking about. grrrrr.....