Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Frusterating News

So I told you about my terrible Wakerli experience? Well I called them yesterday to tell them that the headlight that they "fixed" still didn't work and this is what the guys says to me "well I dunno what the deal was working yesterday" and I told him "well it's not working now so as far as im concerned it wasn't fixed" so he told me to bring my car back in so they could look at it and figure out the problem! I told him that they could look at it when I came in to have them fix my AC and that since I had already paid for the headlight to be fixed and it wasn't that I'm not gonna pay for them to "fix" it again. He said "ok...we will check it out when we fix your AC and we will see what we can do".
So at this point I'm even more upset than I was becuase he was such an ass! I didn't get an apology or anything! Wait...the story gets better. So I'm driving home last night...and I'm pissed about my car. I'm stopped at a stoplight with my blinker on...and I happen to cath the reflecion of my car in a blinker isn't working! It's on the same side as the headlight that they "fixed". So I get home and turn on my blinkers and both rear blinkers work and only one front blinker. Now I'm about ready to blow up...I told Josh about it when he got home and he said that it might just be a coincidence that its the same side as the headlight. I would be ok with thinking that if I hadn't already had a terrible experience with them. So Josh is calling the head of the service department today and when I go in to get my AC fixed they will be getting an ass chewing cuz I'm soooo not happy.