Friday, July 18, 2008

Going To Lagoon!

Yesterdays post was a little depressing (sorry about that) so today I thought I would post that....We are going to lagoon this weekend! Woo Hoo! I know what you are all thinking "It's just need to get worked up over it" but I LOVE lagoon! Every year we go with Josh's dad and his sisters and his sisters husband. This year Kim and Robb can't go becuase they are having a baby (seriously we are happy for them...but way to ruin the tradition), so this year it will just be 4 of us. We are driving down to Utah tomorrow, tomorrow night we will hit up the crossroads mall and go shopping and maybe see the new batman movie, and then on Sunday we will head to the park and spend all day there and drive back home that evening. It will be a short getaway but super fun!


Holly said...

I will admit I am jealous you are going to Lagoon. I haven't been since 05 when you, me, and Tiffani went! Enjoy the rides for me! Have fun!

Rach said...

Hey I was at Lagoon on the 19th is that when you went? I wish I knew if you did go that day... it would have been fun to meet up with you for a few seconds and say HI!
Hope you had fun there!