Monday, July 28, 2008

White Trash and Then Some

We had a fairly low-key weekend. On Friday night Josh and I just hung out at home. I was too lazy to cook so we ordered pizza and watched "In the name of the king"...ever seen it?? Don't! It's super cheesy and most of the acting is terrible. So after the bad movie we decided we needed something...well....better, so we watched Seinfeild the rest of the night. On Saturday Josh woke up early to play 18 holes of golf with some friends...after he got home we went out to the driving range with Kim and Robb and hit a few balls (I'm wanting to learn to golf, so this was the first step) and got a small sunburn.

Saturday night was the best...we drove down to Pocatello with Amanda and her boyfriend Eric (who was great) to watch Rukkus (Kevins band) play (Kevin plays the drums and is really good). It was at a bar called TAPS, and I just have to say that as soon as we got there we were entertained watching all of the drunk people dance. Since we were in pocatello we were assuming that we would run into more than enough "white trash", but for some reason I don't think we expected white trash dancing! The most entertaining was this woman in a pink tanktop and short shorts that had a beer belly (a big enough beer belly that for a second we wondered if she was about 6 months pregnant), and was dancing..are you ready for this? Barefoot! in a bar! Gross. The band was great...but we were distracted all night by all this drunk dancing....a lot of them were very larg women in tops that were WAY too small for them...and men in wifebeaters grabbing the large womens butts...nice. Needless to say that we were laughing at these people most of the evening.

Sunday we went to a good friends homecoming and hung out with my family and friends most of the day. It was a good weekend and now it't monday again.