Monday, August 25, 2008

Golf Weekend

We had such a fun weekend! It started out on Saturday afternoon...we went up to Heise for my company party, and Robb had put together a scramble golf tournament for anyone who wanted to play. Josh is a big golfer...but I hadn't played since Jr. High (and that was only because all of the cute boys were taking that I didn't pay much attention). I don't have golf clubs, but Josh's friend was nice enough to let me borrow his wifes clubs for the weekend. I wasn't planning on playing golf becuase I have no idea what I'm doing and Josh and I weren't allowed to be on the same I was afraid that I would slow everyone up. But I ended up playing and everyone on my team was so nice to give me little pointers and tips. My team actually ended up winning (not becuase on me tho)! It was fun to get to hang out with people from work outside of's nice to see everyone just let loose and have a fun time. (Photos taken by Booze)
Me and val
Josh Putting
The winning team! Me, Kari, Levi, Brandon, and Chad
Just being cheesy
Saturday night the USA basketball team was playing Spain for the gold and Josh wanted to stay up and watch it (it didn't start till 12:30 a.m), so we ordered pizza ( at 12:00 in the morning), and invited Josh's dad over and we stayed up till 3:00 and watched the USA kick Spains butts ( I dozed off and missed about an hour of the game...but I was in the living room so it still counts)! It was a close game, and it was fun to watch.

Sunday morning we were lazy, and then in the afternoon Josh's dad called and asked if we wanted to go to the Olive Garden (our favorite place to eat) for the never ending pasta bowl. So we met up with him there and we decided that the three of us and Amanda (Josh's little sister) are going to Vegas in October to see Chicago! I'm so excited! We haven't decided where we will stay yet, but plans are in the works. Vegas here we come!

Later Sunday evening Josh asked if I would wanna go golfing with him...I decided that it would be something fun for the two of us to get out and we headed out to Sage Lakes...rented a Cart...and had a blast! I didn't think that I would have that much fun golfing...but Josh was a great teacher...and I even got some really good hits (for a first timer). Josh was so excited that I was going golfing with him...he said it was one of the most exciting things that we have done since we have been married (I know that sounds sad...but golfing is one of his favorite things to I didn't take the comment personally). It was a beautiful evening out on the course and I was so happy to be there.
Josh setting up his shot.
Oops! I missed. Haha
Josh driving the cart with the sun behind him.
After we got home we had leftover Olive Garden and watched Seinfelid. I know that it doesn't sound like a fun weekend....but I had such a fun time just being out with Josh...It seems like it's been forever since we went out and had fun just the two of us.


Holly said...

See aren't you glad we didn't go now? I am!!! I also had a great time with Ben this weekend too. And who knows- maybe you will become a good little golfer!

indeazgirl said...

So, unless, I'm totally crazy you went golfing with one of my best friends' little sisters! Is that Valerie used-to-be Stone with you? Maria and I graduated together and her link is on my blog! Craziness!!