Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off to the Idaho State Fair!

I know that it's lame that I get so excited about the fair every year..I mean come on...it's the same thing every year! But I love it! I love the food (tiger ears and candy apples anyone?), the booths (the photography one is my fave), the animals (even if it is only pigs, horses, sheep, and cows), the food (corn on the cob and teriakky bowls), and of course all the white trashiness (it's a given in Idaho). I love that the fair symbolizes the coming of autumn (even if im not ready for summer to be over), and I love walking around with Josh, holding hands, and talking about everything that we see. The first time I had ever been to the fair was when I first started dating Josh (yes...in all my 21 years I had never been to the fair...sad I know!), so the fair always takes me back to that time. Anyways...we are headed to the fair tonight and I'm super excited....lame...I know.


Annalee Taylor said...

i feel the same way...what would Idaho be without our great State fair!

Jeremy and Genevieve said...

its sad to say, but i have yet to go to a state fair... food looks super yummy though!