Monday, September 8, 2008

He's Leaving

It's not a big deal...but Josh is leaving me for a few days for a business trip. Now that he's a manager he has to go on a lot more business trips than he did last year (come to think of it, I don't think he went on more than one a year before). I miss him like crazy every time he leaves, I know that I'm gonna have to get used to it, but I always worry that something is going to happen to him, and I get lonely...I'm not the wife that likes her time alone, I'm much more happy and comfortable when he's around. I hate going home to an empty house knowing that I'll be there alone for a few days. Anyways, he's leaving tomorrow morning to fly to spokane and then they are driving to priest lake. He will be there until Thursday night and then he flys in late. It's only a few days but I'm gonna miss him.

On a more happy note...we had a nice weekend, low key and relaxing. Friday night Amanda, Jackson, Josh, and I went over to Harley Davidson (not to get a bike :() to listen to Kevins band (Josh will soon be joining them) play. They are such a good band and I get proud when I see Kevin up there rocking out on his drums (he's such a great drummer, and it's gonna be fun to see Johs up there rocking his guitar) and then the four of us went to Brownstone (yum) for dinner. We all had a good time talking and laughing and hanging out. Saturday was pretty low key...Josh went golfing in the afternoon and then took me on a date later than night (nothing big...just shopping and dinner) and then we came home and was lazy. Sunday we borrowed a friends clubs and Josh took me golfing! I'm still no good...but I think Im getting a little better. I love spending alone time with Josh! So that was our weekend...and now It's a new week and Josh has to leave...poor me.