Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Waiting Game

We had a lot of fun over the weekend. We set Amanda up on a blind date with a friend of mine, and we went with them just so it wasn't too awkward...and it was a lot of fun. We went golfing on Saturday with Robb and Brandon (the husband of a gal that Robb and I work with) and then went out to dinner with Robb and Kim (still pregnant) and Brandon and Val. Then Josh and I went home and waited until midnight so that we could go get the new Guitar Hero! That's right...we went to Wal Mart at midnight and bought the new game, and then brought it home and played it until 3 in the morning! Yes we're nerds and yes we're aware. But it was so much fun! Sunday we went golfing again and then had Kim and Robb over for dinner...we decided that we needed to grill at least one more time while the weather will still allow it. So they came over for dinner and we played guitar hero again. haha.

Yesterday was my father-in-laws birthday so we went to the Olive Garden for dinner with him, and now we are just waiting on little Mya (Kim and Robbs baby) to get here. I can't wait to be an aunt! It's not as great as being a new mom....but I think it might be the next best thing. It could be any day now, so we are just waiting and hoping that everything will go great for them.

Oh! Today the "furniture doctor" is coming to look at our destroyed couch to see if there is any hope...let pray that he can fix it.


Holly said...

Hope your couch can be fixed! :) Sounds like you have been having fun! Golfing, grilling, man... I'm already dying for it to be summer again!