Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just an Update the furniture doctor came to the house the other day to take a look at our couch and the coffee table (all four corners of the coffee table have been chewed on), and he said that he could fix both of them! I was so excited...until I got home and found out that in order to fix them he had to take them both back to his shop to work on we have no couch and no table...our living room is pretty much empty! He also said that it was gonna cost a little over $400 to get it all done! So now im not so sure that it's worth it...I'm sure I could find a nice loveseat for about $400...but then throw in a coffee I don't wanna buy a new couch and coffee table and then decide that they aren't gonna work in a new home. I hate things like this. Anyways...we decided to go ahead and do it...hopefully they turn out nice.

On a different note...I can't believe that tomorrow is halloween! We are having a big potluck at work and a costume contest, how can I pass up a chance to dress up and look like an idiot at work? I love to dress up! So I went out and got a bunch of stuff to put a fun costume together. I'm not gonna say what it is yet...but I'll get pitures and post them later (does anyone have any tips on how to put on fake eyelashes?). My mom is also having a party at her house tomorrow night, it usually a pretty low key party, but we have good food and a good time just being together. What is everyone else doing?

Oh! And we still don't have our neice here yet...I was sure that she would be here by now...but we are still waiting. We can't wait to see her! Maybe she will be a halloween baby....

Everyone have a Happy and Safe Halloween!


Cynthia said...

This is Cynthia Benson, we went to HS together, anyway, I saw your blog on Chelsi's. The best tip I have heard for fake eyelashes is to cut them in half and use 2 peices per eye, I've heard it is easier, but never done it. Good luck, I am glad life is good for you.

Chelsi and Trevor said...

Glad to hear that your couch is fixed. I am totally jealous that you get to dress up for Halloween. Trevor has to work so I am just staying home and answering the door. I think I'll stick on a witch hat but that is about is. Have so much fun at your parties!