Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy (late) Halloween

We had a great Halloween (well I did...I don't think Josh had as much fun as I did)! It all started out with a fun day at work (yes I said fun and work in the same scentence). We were allowed to dress up (in fact our boss juged the costume contest), and have a great potluck. There was a ton of great food and we grazed all day long. About half of the people in the office dressed up and the costume contest was a lot of fun. Mike (our boss) doesn't let us just get away with dressing up tho...he makes us all do a "trick". So everyone that was dressued up was required to do a little performance and then a prize is given for best costume and best "trick". And guess what? I tied for best costume!I dressed up as a punk rocker and it was a blast! I even did my hair in a little fohawk, and brought a guitar hero guitar along as my prop. After the contest was over not a lot of work got done in the office. Most of the time was spent taking pictures and eating. We even had kids come in trick-or-treating for the last hour of the day.
Val, me, and Booze (they were bikers)
Josh thinks I was scary looking
Ryan spent the afternoon taking pictures of everyone and editing them ...this is what he came up with for me
So after work I headed to the burg to meet up with Josh and have dinner at my parents house. My mom had the house decorated really cute and we had an swesome meal!
My mom, me, and grandma
I hope that everyone else had a fun and safe Halloween!


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Ashley you look great! I need to have more workdays like the one you described. Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween.

Holly said...

Okay I agree with Josh- you do look a little scary!! I'm glad you got to dress up and attend a fun party!! Maybe one of these years I'll host one!

Chris & Stephanie said...

I love the pictures. Your costume was amazing. And yes your costume was a little scary, just like mine. My hubby wouldn't kiss until I got my costume off. Great job!

Matt and Jenna said...

I love it!! What a great idea!

MegEddins said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! I loved your Halloween mix of spooky songs. Keep those dogs in line-what a mess!

indeazgirl said...

You look 100% terrifying. And I mean that as a compliment!