Thursday, November 20, 2008

Six Quirks

I was tagged by here goes!

My six quirks

1. I like my clothes (and Josh's) folded a certain way (even our underwear). Josh knows this by now, so when he folds laundry he will just leave mine for me to fold because I have been known to unfold everything that he has already folded and re-fold it (rude...I know).
2. At work I have a specific place for everything...and when things get moved around it really annoys me.
3. I hate it when people don't have the decency to put their grocery cart away after shopping....lazy! (I'm with Natalie on this one...I ALWAYS put my cart away)
4. It annoys me to get into bed if all of the covers aren't straight (I have been known to make a bed before I get into it)
5. I overanalyze almost everything
6. It drives me CRAZY when my car is dirty (water spots are the worst).
I tag Krista, Jenna, Holly, Christin, Chelsi, and Candee


Natalie said...

Wow we have a lot in common, I am the same on all your 1-5 except for the last I have learned that me car will never be clean on a farm!!!!