Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cabo Here We Come! Sherwin Williams has this incentive program. Any store manager who's store meets and exceeds certain goals during the year gets to become part of what they call "The Presidents Club". What this means is that those managers and their spouses or significant others gets to go on a fabulous trip! Last year they all went to the Bahamas, this year it's Cabo. Not only do they pay for the flight, suite, and food....they also give everyone their choice of two activities (ex. golf, snorkeling, etc.), and like 300 bucks spending money!

Well every year in the past when Josh was asst. manager in the IF store he did all of the work (the manager was a lazy putz) and was never eligible for the trip. This year since he's the manager he's been working his butt off to make his goals....and yesterday he called and told me that we are going to Cabo!

I'm so proud of him! He has taken a brand new a new town and made it great! He's such a hard worker, and a great manager. So I would just like to tell him....Good job baby! I Love You!

Cabo here we come!!!!


Chelsi and Trevor said...

That is awesome! You guys are going to have a blast. I am so happy for you...there is nothing like some foreign sunshine to get through the winter.

Chris & Stephanie said...

I am so jealous. Congrats. This will be so much fun for the both of you. When do you go?

indeazgirl said...

Congrats! That will be so fun!!