Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Cards, Oh Christmas Tree, Let it Snow

I know it's not a big deal to most of you...but I got the CUTEST Christmas card from Seth's family! I love getting pictures and letters from them...It feels so nice to get to hear about when my baby is up to (except that he's not a baby anymore...he's almost 5!). Getting their card made me think that it's prolly getting a little late to get my own cards out
Our weekend seemed to pass way to quickly (don't they always?). We were busy most of the weekend...but it was a good kind of busy. Friday night was my company Christmas party. We had it out at Daves place (for those of you who know Rexburg....that's the old Ferguson know the one with all the lights?), and he had the ENTIRE yard lit up. It was so beautiful! Every tree was lit up...and the whole house....the was amazing! We had great food...and the company was fun. Dave is so nice to open his house to everyone every year. Saturady we took Grandma Bernadine to lunch and to do her grocery shopping. She also wanted to go get a new parakeet (she already had two birds). So we went to lunch at 1 and after everything was said and done we didn't get home till about 5! She is a sweet lady...and Josh and I are the only ones in the family that care to stop in and see her (even her own son won't stop in to see if she's ok or even call her....I don't get it) or make sure she gets to the store (she can't drive), so I'm glad to use my days to help her out...because I know she needs us and she is so thankful that we are there for her. After our long day out and about fighting the traffic and the crowds we went home and watched the Jazz get beat by the Heat and we had Dustin and Bethany over to hang out.
Sunday we (or should I say I) decided that we needed to get our tree up, but in order for that to happen we had to clean out my office/our storage room to find the trees missing leg. I don't like to keep any room in out house messy...but this room was a DISASTER! When you live in a house as small as ours and have as much stuff as we's hard to find a place for all of for some reason it ends up piled in my office. There was stuff everywhere, and we knew the leg of the tree had fallen out of the box somewhere in the mess. It only took us a few hours but we ended up with 2 big bags full of stuff for the D.I, 3 bags that we took out to our little shed, and another 3 full of trash! We found the leg to our tree and I got a nice clean office. After we got the office clean we went and dropped the stuff at the D.I. and then went to lunch at wingers. We went to Sams club to get a few things that we forgot the day before and we had to get some wrapping paper (Sams has some really cute paper thats reversable and the rolls are I only needed one) and some decorations for our tree. We got home and put everything away and then headed right back out to go to the gym. We are trying to get into shape before we go to we made ourselves go. Then we came home and got the tree and our nativity set up while we listened to Christmas music. Josh was so cute...after everything was set up and put together he kept telling me how cute and cozy the house looked. We thought that after the busy weekend we deserved a little TV time so we watched 24 Redemtion (we are big 24 fans and we were so glad to see Jack back in action), we never watch 24 on TV because it's too stressful to have to wait a week in between every episode. So we wait till it's out on DVD and then we watch most of the season in one day. Haha. We can't wait for season 7! This morning we woke up to our first snowfall. I'm not a fan of the snow and cold...but I have to admit that it makes it easier to get into the Christmas spirit, it was so pretty driving to work this morning. Hopefully we can get more...and it will last till Christmas, but then I want it to go...I don't like when it sticks around till May and June. How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Holly said...

You did have a busy weekend. I'm glad you put up a tree. It does make a difference in the holiday spirit!!

indeazgirl said...

What a fun and productive weekend! I'm so excited to decorate this weekend! (Oh, and I don't think anyone is judging when Christmas cards get sent. I hope not, anyways, 'cause I sent mine in May this year!)