Monday, December 29, 2008

Our "Old Fashion" Christmas

Christmas has come and gone...and I have to say that I always feel a little let down when it's all over. It just feels like we work so hard to make it a great Christmas and to get everything ready, and then in a blink of an eye it's gone! We did have a fantastic Christmas though.

Everything started out a little frusterating...I think it was the 23rd that we got like 5-8 inches of snow..Josh was supposed to come in and take me to lunch but he couldn't get out of the driveway! The news said that it was supposed to snow most of the week so we thought for sure that we were gonna be stranded inside...but we had the brilliant idea that since my brother and his wife were heading to Canada (where she is from) that maybe we could borrow their truck....and my brother being the amazing guy that he is said that we could take it as long as we treated it with very loving care (anyone who knows him knows what he means and shouldn't be suprised). It's a good thing that we were able to use the truck cuz our little cars weren't gonna make it anywhere.

Christmas Eve Josh and I decided to spend the night just the two of us at our place. I had to work part of that day so Josh went out and bought the fixings for an AMAZING Christmas Eve dinner. He likes to he told me that he was going to prepare dinner (I wasn't going to argue). I got home from work and we went out to get some stocking stuffers for the dogs (yes we are "that" couple). We had fun walking around PetSmart looking for things. Then we came home and it was time to start the food. Josh had gotten some recipes off the internet and did the whole meal by himself. He made a WONDERFUL filet mignon with a red wine and basalmic vinigerette glaze (the best steak I have ever had), and red spuds with lemon and something else, and brocolii. He also bought some sparkling cider to top it off. We lit some candles and ate like kings (pictures to come). After clean up we got into our sweats (no new jammies this year) and watched "The Holiday". Then it was off to bed.

Christmas morning we didn't get up till about 8ish. We had to get eachothers stocking ready, so we took turns out in the living room putting stuff out. We are kinda weird about the stocking thing, after we get the stocking put together we put it on the couch and cover it with a blanket so that we don't ruin the suprise. Haha. We opened gifts till about 9:30 and Josh spoiled me! It was kind of funny though....we got eachother Nintendo DS Lites (yes we are gamer nerds)...and we had no was kinda funny. He also bought an outfit for me and did a great job (he always picks out the cutest things). At 12 it was off to Joshs moms house for a great lunch (it was a good thing we had Dustins truck because there were drifts out there that were bigger than my jetta). We hung out there till about 3 just talking and playing with Mya...and then it was off to my parents house. My family spoiled us with all kinds of gifts (clothes, fancy alarm clock, paula dean cookware, a hommeade blanket, wireless keyboard and mouse), and made a yummy dinner. The snow started falling again at about 6 so we headed home. We spent the rest of the night together playing with our new Christmas stuff.

The rest of the weekend was spent with friends and family, watching the Jazz, eating way too much, and sleeping in till at least 10 every day. I love the Holidays. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas, and I hope we are all ready for the new year.


My Family said...

Ahh yes the SNOW!! Okay I'm so done with it already!! Your so lucky your brother let you borrow his truck! As for that dinner, you sure have an amazing husband! It sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! As for the new year I'm SO ready to start fresh again and think of a positive, good New Year!
Happy New Year wishies to you guys!

Holly said...

A truck in Idaho is a MUST! I'm glad you had such a good Christmas and yes you are game nerds!

indeazgirl said...

I grew up for 16 years in the south, so you wouldn't think I would miss snow, but this year in the 60 degree weather, I just wanted one day of it.
Glad you had a truck to get you through.
Sounds like your dogs were happily spoiled and that your dinner was delicious.
Merry Christmas!