Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Switcheroo

So this is a little random...but on Sunday Josh and I started talking about switching our bedroom with the room that we were using as my office/storage room. We decided that my office was bigger than our bedroom and it might be fun to switch....we didn't get around to doing it on Sunday but Josh had Monday off so he decided to start the project. It was a big job because we have A LOT of crap...but when I got home everything was moved (my hubby is so great) and last night we spent the first night in our "new" bedroom. The dogs were a little confused about the whole thing...and it was weird waking up in a different place....but it's kinda a fun change. The next step in the process is to get everything organized so that we can find things again....and to paint both rooms (really the whole houhse could use a new coat but I'm not really sure when that will happen)...so I think the worst part is still to come....

So we were thinking that we might start looking for a new house in February...but the way that the market is we think that it would be better to wait a while...so we might start doing some remodeling on our cozy little place for now, I'm just not very good at decorating and all that....so does anyone have any tips on how to make an old place look newer?


Holly said...

Paint makes a HUGE difference in a place. Also you should check out Real Deals. They have one in the burg and in I.F. The one in I.F. is open Friday and Saturday. They have really cute stuff for great/cheap prices!