Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes, We Will Have A White Christmas

It snowed all weekend! I woke up this morning and was up to my calves in snow as I walked out to my car, and when I got to my car it was buried!!! I hate the snow....but I have to admit that everything looked so pretty this morning all covered in snow...and it really helps me get in the holiday mood, and it sounds like it will be snowing all will be a white Christmas.

We had a fun weekend. My family had a Christmas party on saturday, so we went up to my moms house and had a fantastic dinner, watched the Jazz game by the fire, played a wicked candy game (it's a tradition in my family...and since my grandma works at mom's candy kitchen the stakes were high), played our "hometown band" duet (mom and I have an awesome duet on the piano and everyone else joins in on other random instruments that my mom has collected over the years), and opened gifts from Dustin and Bethany since they will be in Canada for Christmas. It's always fun when all my brothers can be home...we always have a blast together. Then on Sunday we had a party over and Kim and Robbs with Kevin and Grandma Bernadine. We all brought junk food over so we just snaked all night, opened gifts from Kevin and Grandma, and watched the classic "Christmas Vacation".
It has to be one of my favorite Christmas movies. Mya didn't seem to wanna be part of the party too much...but I did get to spend a little time holding her...she is such a sweetheart. It was a fun weekend and I can't believe that Christmas is this week! I hope everyone is ready!