Monday, January 19, 2009

Crappy News

A few days ago Josh broke the news to me that we might not be going to Cabo in April! Turns out that the company changed Josh's budget near the end of the year (which they reserve the right to do), and he didn't get to see those new numbers until just a week or so when he thought that he was 20% over budget he was really only 11% over, and the magic number for the trip is 15%. Not only could we lose out on the trip but if the new numbers stick we are out a good chunk of change that Josh rightfully earned. It just pisses me off that stuff like this happenes. Josh worked his ass (pardon the french) off in order to make this trip and to make his new store GREAT and now he is feeling like he just isn't good enough (which he is). Anyways...we will keep you all posted...but as of now we may not be going....BOO HOO.


Holly said...

DANG! That really stinks! Why can't life just be fair?! I'm glad you got the scarf, hope you like it. :)