Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Remember that scarf that I mentioned a few posts back? Well I finally took some pictures:

Cute Huh? I love it!

Oh...and remember what I looked like jr. year?

I'm sooo glad I cut off my hair!


The Eve's said...

I totally remember you with your long hair. That is so crazy!!!! You look super cute with it short though. Not many people can pull that off!!

A.C.K. Family said...

That is such a cute scarf and yes I'm glad you cut off your hair. Not everyone can pull off short hair like that but you really can, and I would know. I wish it was cold enough here to wear winter stuff. Almost all of our winter stuff is packed away in a sad box.

Chelsi and Trevor said...

Way cute scarf. And I love your hair - I agree with the previous posts, not everyone out there can rock that pixie look, but you sure can.
p.s - glad your puppy is ok