Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Poor Hubby

Josh had a rough day yesterday...and as of this morning it didn't sound like today was going to be much better. He was scheduled to fly out of IF yesterday at 7:00 am, so he got up and was ready to leave by about 5:30 and then he noticed that he had a message on his phone. It was the airline telling him that his flight had been canceled. So he got another flight booked for 1:30 in the afternoon. We got to have lunch together (which was nice....I love getting to see josh in the middle of the day)...and then he texted me at 3 saying that he was still waiting for his flight (Josh doesn't like to wait)...then again at 5 saying that he was just boarding! He had a layover in Denver so he called me when he got there at 7 saying that he was missing all of the opening ceremony stuff in Dallas (which as I've heard is the most fun part of the trip) and he was tired and pissed off. The layover in Denver wasn't long and he was on the next plane by 8. He finally got to Dallas at about 10 (11 there) but his luggage didn't (this is one of my biggest fears about flying...I'm not scared about plummeting to my death...just losing my stuff)! He had to sleep in what he was wearing (which is enough to make anyone have a crappy night), and this morning he still has nothing to wear to his meetings! His roommate is a friend of his and is luckily about the same size...so the friend was nice enough to lend Josh a shirt and maybe a pair of pants. So my poor, sweet husband is having a bad trip so far. I hope it gets better for him. I hate not being able to be there to help him when he's upset...or at least give him a kiss and a hug.

On a brighter note...we got Alex to the vet yesterday and it looks like he is just fine. The vet said that it was just a little episode and that when dogs get old stuff like this can happen. We just need to keep an eye on him. Also..I went to the gym last night and walked/ jogged for about 45 min! Good for me! Now lets see if I can keep it up.