Monday, February 9, 2009

Home Improvment Update

We have finished painting in the bedroom (yes it took us 3 weeks), and we have been looking around for decorations for the walls and some kind of curtain for the windows (I even have my mother-in-law looking for material to make curtains). We have had no luck with the curtains, but we did get one decoration for the wall...Thats right...I caved and let Josh talk me into getting a TV for the bedroom. I didn't think we needed one since our house is tiny and we already have a 60" TV in our livingroom, but Josh thought it would be a good idea, and Holly told me that it's great having a TV in the bedroom. So Josh got one ordered last week from Best Buy (who, by the way has the WORST customer service ever...but the TV was a great deal so we just went with it) and it showed up on friday. It's a beautiful 42" Sony Bravia, and it's hanging on our wall. I have to say that it is a really pretty TV, and it looks pretty nice in our room...and I admit that it is nice having a TV in the bedroom. It's been fun over the weekend to watch our newest series, Heroes (which is pretty darn cool)
in bed every night. Now I can snuggle with my sweet hubby when we watch TV at night instead of sitting in seperate chairs. I still feel very spoiled having two extreamly nice TV's in our house, but I think Josh it trying to get himself all the fun toys he can before we have a baby (no I'm not pregnant). Now I just need to find something for one more wall in the bedroom and we will be pretty much set in that room. I went to Ross over the weekend to try and find a cool print or something but we didn't have any luck...I'm not too great at this decorating thing so I think my biggest problem is not having the confidence that something I pick out will look good.


The Eve's said...

I am not creative either but a cheap and fun idea you could do it go to porters and get the thin canvas squares (i think they are like a 6x6) and then some scrapbook paper and put on them and hang like 3 rows of three. Get paper that cordinates with each other and there you go. I am working on one for my hall in our basement.

Chelsi and Trevor said...

What about printing one of your favorite pics of you and your hubby (Staples can do this for pretty cheap, or is a great place to order really nice and moderatley priced prints from) and putting it in a cool big, frame. Michaels has nice frames sometimes.

Will you post pics of your finished room? I dying to see.

Darcie said...

I don't think 3 weeks to paint a room is bad! I have been painting my living room for months now!! Like over 6 months!