Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Job

So I just have to say that I LOVE my job! it might not REALLY be the job itself (cuz lets be is work), but more likely the people at my job. I honestly LOVE most of the people that I work with (with the exeption of 3 or 4)...even my boss (who is a dirty old man but we love him)! We have a super laid back office, and we seem to all get along really well...some of us even go to lunch together and even sometimes hang out on weekends! I have never had a job that I really like the people I work with.

We also get some AWESOME benefits here at Kingston. My favorite is the massages. Yes, we have a massuse here in the building and we all get two massages a month paid for and on company time (our bosses think that happy employees make productive employees...and they are right)! We also get 2 free hours of "leinient" time every week (we get an hour for lunch and then if we need to be gone longer for an appointment or if we just need a long lunch) no question asked (no we don't usually abuse it and take 2 hour lunches....but it's there if we need it). The bosses let us have pot lucks, and parties...AND we get to wear jeans on a regular basis! Don't get me wrong...we do work, and I don't get up in the morning excited to go to work, but when I'm here...I love it!
So here is a shout out to my job and the people that make it great (Steph, Darcie, and Britt that means you)!


Chris & Stephanie said...

Dang you are so cute. You make work so much more fun for me also. And I love it when we get together with the hubbies and go out. Truly is a blast. We need to do it again. It is long over due.

My Family said...

Wow! Can you say spolied! Haha! I have never heard of a job that actually cares about their employess like that! Your a lucky one!

indeazgirl said...

So this doesn't have to do with thinking your job sounds great (but it does!) but instead with the fact that I LOVE the baseball pics of you and Josh. They are so awesome!