Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Love Him

I love my husband every day...but the last few days I've loved him even more than the day we got married (odd how that happens). He is so great to me. Here are a few of the things that I love about him and our life together.

(this picture was take just before we got married. I'm not a ball player by any means but I love this shot of can totally see his love for the game)

  • I know this might not sound like much...but every morning he wakes up long before I do and every morning he comes into the bedroom before he leaves and wakes me up so that he can give me a kiss and tell me he loves me (even if I'm barely awake enough to mutter that I love him too)...I love that part of my day.

  • He texts me throughout the day to tell me how much he loves me and to see if I'm having a great day.

  • He always tells me how much he appreciates me.

  • He makes me want to be a better person.

  • He makes sure that I have everything I need (and want) to be happy.

  • He puts up with my crankyness and moodiness (poor guy).

  • He makes dinner for me a lot more than I do for him.

  • He opens my eyes to new things (music I never thought I would like (like pearl jam and modest mouse), movies I never thought I would see (star wars), places I never thought I would go (florida and denver) things I never thought I would do (golf))

  • He is such a hard worker and is good at his job

  • He rarely gets mad at me...even when I deserve it

  • He is a great friend to our friends

  • He is so much fun.

  • He lovingly makes fun of me and I pretend to be mad but I'm really not

There are so many other things that I love...but those are just a few. I love you Josh!


Jeremy and Genevieve said...

oohhh. i think its the little things that are the best things. you two are so cute!