Wednesday, February 18, 2009

just a few randoms

i'm bored at work today,so i've been blog lurking and surfing the web. yes, that's what i'm getting paid for today (at least until the mail comes and i have something to do). during my surfing and lurking a ran accross a few fun things. this one i linked to through the design mom blog. you can create your own handwrighting font! how cool is that? i haven't done it yet so i'm not for sure how well it works, but i think i will try it later. i think it would be a good idea to journal my digital scrapbooking (if i ever get the ambition to do it) in my own "handwriting".
i also came across 3 websites selling cute stuff (mostly for babies/kids...what can i say? i'm a little baby hungry). they are a little pricey, but the stuff is so cute that it might just be worth it. i want every pair of shoes from see kai run, one of everything from the dwell shop, and i love the retro look to everything on ollie & lime , and i just can't get over how unbelieveably cute everything is at chasing fireflies.
last but not least i found this site that lets you personalize your signature. it's called my live signature. i created a signature and put it in my emails and on my blog posts. try it out! it's fun and quick.
well that's what i've done most of the morning...time to get to work. happy "hump day"!


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